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The last few years have seen twists and turns.  My lovely wife and I gave up everything in London and bought a house in Wimborne, had our second kid and built a few online businesses.


The result of this hard work and change means we now benefit from an amazing work / life balance with most of our income being passive via online income.  Was this journey easy? NO… but we’ve enjoyed the process and look forward to the road ahead.


Originally from South Africa, I paraglide now and then, play around with my camera and love meeting and encouraging people.   My pancreas stopped behaving in 1998 so I can add being a Type 1 diabetic to my list of achievements.  Did I mention, coffee is a passion.

Hello, I’m Tim Poulton, ex contract Project Manager, now full time family man and online Entrepreneur based in Wimborne,  Dorset  (UK)

Why Encourager?

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We’re living more stressful, busy lives than ever before and secretly I believe most people are out of control or at least not as in touch with who they really are.  It’s here where I hope to be an encouragement…


My goal is to be an encouragement to those that come across my path, whether that be our 87 year old neighbor Pete or a Multinational CEO.


I am in the process of setting up an online outlet where I hope to encourage others.  I currently have a YouTube channel dedicated to encouraging Type 1 Diabetics.  More here soon...



CRO (conversion rate optimization)

Online Business Consulting

I know how even a 0.4% uplift in sales conversions can make the world of difference.  I offer objective yet in-depth recommendations of your sales funnel and checkout process.

If you have or are considering an online business, I would be happy to talk through your vision and offer objective experiential advice and pointers (based on years of personal experience).

N.B. I no longer engage in freelance Project Management  work or offer web deign services.


Client Logos Where I have Worked

This is where we encourage other families to think and dream big.  We share our online success to motivate others (podcast)

Family Without Limits

Family Without Limits

Your complete podcast editing, publishing and transcription services.


ScrubCast - Podcast Editing Company

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Not for the guys, this is a membership site

I maintain and market alongside my wife.

PCOS Diet Support

PCOS Diet Support

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My company where I facilitate video production and project management services.

New Media Projects

New Media Projects

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I interview Type 1 diabetics from around the world on my podcast.


PCOS Diet Support

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